This is the version of secondary suggestions posted June 3, 2011.

What are some ways secondary teachers might use Twitter in their classrooms?

Have students provide clues to help solve a mystery name or define a vocab term.

Have students provide step-by-steps to solve a math problem or providing instructions to travel from point A to point B.

Students could develop tweets as if they were a famous historical figure or a literary character.

I think teachers could use Twitter as the most basic of classroom websites where they post announcements and reminders.

Have students do research and post their findings, as a classroom Twitter account, for others to read and critique. (@cwebbtech)

Use Twitter or a similar microblogging service as a backchannel for student questions/link repository during lecture or large class discussions (@damian613)

Use Twitter or edmodo as an "exit ticket" to check for understanding of classroom objectives for the day. (@tscheeler)

Set your homework and students can submit homework or updates on this via twitter. (@chickensaltash)

Use an online quiz in class where students post their own questions and other students then post answers. The teacher or other selected students can then moderate the answers and give feedback. (@chickensaltash)

Have students tweet historical events in real time (example: give each student the identity of a major player in the Cuban Missile Crisis and have them tweet things as they would have happened in October). See Twhistory for the Battle of Gettysburg (@CRFederman)

Have parents sign up to receive tweets from teachers. The tweets can be about a week's activities test/projects/units of study, etc. This way parents can stay informed about their child's learning at this age when parents seem to have more difficulty staying connected.

To encourage timely attendance, tweet kids a "we are looking forward to seeing you today" message an hour before the tardy bell. Send parents/guardians a tweet to let them know kids are late/absent. (Delmatoff/Meinhardt)

My plan for next year is to use Twitter as a way have students study (do any of your students actually study? Not cram, but actually study on a nightly basis?) After every class (or at home that night) students use their 140 characters to reflect on the main point of the class that day. Or they might summarize their notes or activity completed that day. As long as they are reflecting (meaningfully) on what we did in class I'm happy. I'm even happier with Twitter because everyone in the class can potentially benefit from everyone else's tweets.